La Durée

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La Durée

I would summerize my whole experience in La Durée with one word ! “Paris” !

You must have seen or heard or been to La Durée, so i’m sure i’m not giving you the golden advice here. but what i would suggest is trying their caramel macarons and “Religieuse Pistachio”, it does not just taste good but also looks dazzling. Also the shop’s interior is very calming and relaxing, you could spend hours chatting with your friends and savoring their colorful macarons and cute little cakes. Visiting the main shop in Paris in Champs-Elysées must be on the top of your places to visit list.

In Dubai you can find La Durée in Dubai mall and JBR

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Also if you’re looking for a place to throw your baby shower, birthday or just a classy evening with your friends, well look, no further cause La Durée will defiantly meet your expectations! you just need to book ahead of time to inform them about the type of occasion, so they’d create something suitable for the occasions!

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La Durée Financial Center road


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