Decaffeinated Coffee ☕

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Decaffeinated Coffee ☕

Decaf coffee, my new friend ! A while ago my hands started shaking, and that impaired me from doing some delicate chores (so annoying!). That used to happen only after my 3rd or 4th cup of coffee so my parents insisted on taking me to the doctor. Well thankfully it wasn’t related to my nervous system but it was purely related high consumption of caffein and that’s when i had to replace some of my normal cups of coffee to decaffeinated coffee ☹

i know many people don’t like the idea of Decaf coffee either for its lack of stimulating them physically and mentally especially in the morning, or because they don’t believe it is any different from normal coffee.

Truth be told, Decaf coffee does actually work and it has some privileges; like reducing the shaking of the hands or insomnia, caused by high consumption of  normal caffeinated coffee.

There is around 75mg of caffeine in a cup of soluble coffee. Moderate caffeine consumption from all sources is considered to be up to 400mg per day. For those who are pregnant  they can safely enjoy up to 200mg of caffeine (the amount found in 2-3 cups or 2 mugs of coffee) per day as advised by the Food Standards Agency. source

decaff coffee is not entirely caffeine free. There are some EU standards that companies have to abide by while labeling their decaf coffee! Soluble coffee must contain a maximum of 0.3% of caffein and 0.1% for roast and ground coffee.

To know about the process of decaffeinating coffee check this link out!


I am A 23 years old coffee addict who’s passionate about every sip of her cup of coffee. I live in Dubai, so I hope I’ll be a good guide for those who are seeking to taste a good cup of coffee in town. My coffee addiction started since I was in grade 9, but before that i have always stolen some sips of my parent’s cups of coffee, GUILTY! I studied Food Science and Management at the American University of Beirut! and my seminar (graduation presentation) was about coffee and weight loss. One of my future plans that are related to coffee is taking some courses online to enrich my knowledge in this domain, and hopefully benefit you in return. Then i will be attending a workshop here in Dubai to get a closer look at coffee brewing, tasting, and buying pathways.

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