Dunkin Donuts ◎

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Dunkin Donuts ◎

While studying at the AUB in Lebanon, there was a Dunkin Donuts on my way to uni! and to be honest i used to prefer being late to classes rather than going to my 8 am class without my large cup of coffee… It wasn’t really that good, but it’s better than nothing !

Their Donuts on the other hand, mean more than just sweet rounded heaven but they have a sentimental value! When i was way younger we used to go from Syria to Lebanon over the holidays and Dunkin Donuts used to be our first stop on our way to Beirut, and since that time their Donuts are just my favorites and can never be topped.

20141219_IMG_3119 (1)

If you haven’t tried their double caramel, glazed, and Bavarian Filled donuts! you haven’t tried donuts at all…


I am A 23 years old coffee addict who’s passionate about every sip of her cup of coffee. I live in Dubai, so I hope I’ll be a good guide for those who are seeking to taste a good cup of coffee in town. My coffee addiction started since I was in grade 9, but before that i have always stolen some sips of my parent’s cups of coffee, GUILTY! I studied Food Science and Management at the American University of Beirut! and my seminar (graduation presentation) was about coffee and weight loss. One of my future plans that are related to coffee is taking some courses online scaaeducation.org to enrich my knowledge in this domain, and hopefully benefit you in return. Then i will be attending a workshop here in Dubai to get a closer look at coffee brewing, tasting, and buying pathways.

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